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Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy

In 2006, the Gloucestershire Local Government Association (LGA) agreed a recycling and composting vision:

"All households in Gloucestershire will have convenient and easy-to-use collection services, enabling them to recycle and compost at least 70% of their rubbish by 2010. Householders in Gloucestershire need to make informed buying and disposal decisions. We all need to minimise waste and help protect the local and global environment."

All seven local authorities in Gloucestershire have since adopted Gloucestershire Waste Partnership's Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy which will enable the vision to be realised and will provide a route map for managing waste in the county up to 2020.

The main objectives are based upon a hierarchy of preferred approaches, focusing on waste prevention and reduction, recycling and composting more, and treating the remaining waste in a more sustainable way. The strategy outlines how this will be achieved by working together in partnership between ourselves and with others.