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All household recycling centres are currently closed due to Coronavirus.

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on the evening of Monday 23 March that everyone should stay at home to save lives, we have
closed all household waste recycling centres with immediate effect.
Recycling centres will not open from Tuesday 24 March onwards, for an indefinite period.
Visiting recycling centres is not included in the reasons for leaving home.
All households should make full use of their kerbside waste collection service, which your local council is making every effort to keep operational for your recycling, green and food waste and general waste.

Covid-19: Waste and Recycling Services

If you have suspected or confirmed Coronavirus and are self-isolating, you need to double bag your used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths and wait 72 hours before putting it out for collection. For more information visit our page here.

Waste Free Wednesday - Combating 'On The Go' Plastic


Find out useful tips for reducing your waste whilst you're out and about!


Reduce 'On the Go' plastic

You may not realise but the waste you put in the bin on the street still ends up in the same landfill as if you were to put it in your own bin at home.

Here are some tips for when you are ‘on the go’ to help you combat plastic waste!

  • Take a reusable mug/cup with you. You never know when you may fancy a coffee or hot chocolate!  Disposable coffee cups are difficult to recycle due to the manufacturing process so should be avoided completely.  If you have forgot your mug and can spare the time, have a drink inside the café in a china mug and avoid waste.  If not, think about whether you can wait until you get home.
  • This also goes for water bottles. If you carry one around, you can also save money since you don’t have to buy a drink. There are lots of schemes available to help you find somewhere to top up your water bottle. If you have forgotten your reusable bottle, just make sure you hold on to your plastic bottle until it can be put in a recycling bin. This also goes for drinks cans too.
  • Pack a lunch or snacks if you know you will be out for a while. This avoids having to buy overly packaged food on the go. If  you need to buy something whilst out and about, try and choose items that are packaged in recyclable materials and hold on to your recycling until you get home.
  • Ask for no straws in clubs, pubs and bars. Some places have already started to not give them out as standard. Think about how many straws you get through in a night. Each straw only gets used for a few minutes and then goes in the bin. Do you really need it? If you cannot live without a straw, think about buying a stainless steel one and carry it with you.

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