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Times are changing

From Sunday 28th October all of our household Recycling Centres will change to the new winter opening times which will be 10am - 4pm.

In addition all sites will be closed one day per week throughout the year.


Find out more here.

HRC Van booking phone line intermittent problems

The HRC Van booking phone line is having intermittent problems. You are still able to book using the online booking form.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Score the perfect hat-trick this summer!


Recycle your plastic bottles, glass bottles and drinks cans!


You don’t have to be on the pitch to score the perfect hat-trick!

Now that the Football World Cup is in full swing it is a good time to think about what you are going to do with your empty drinks cans and bottles.

We have come up with some handy tips for when you have friends around to watch the game, to make it easier for you and to save you time so you don’t miss any goals.

  • Plan ahead: buy food and drink ahead of time to avoid costly and non-recyclable takeaways;
  • When buying drinks and snacks, try and buy things in recyclable materials. This includes things like cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles;
  • Make it easy for other people to recycle their empties too. Leave a designated recycling bin or box handy and let people know where it is. This could be as simple as using an empty cardboard box (remember to decant your recycling into your proper local authority containers when it comes to your collection day). It also makes it easier when tidying up when everyone goes home.
  • Use regular plates and cups rather than disposables. This does mean a little more washing up, but it also means your bin isn’t full of disposable plates covered in food waste, and you can stack more on your plate without is going soggy and all falling off…bonus!
  • Or you could opt for snacks that don’t require plates so there is even less washing up!
  • Alternatively visit a local pub to watch the match. If you drink from the taps (draught beer, cider or fizzy drinks) you are avoiding single use waste altogether since the drinks are stored in much larger containers.


The players are doing their bit, are you?

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