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All household recycling centres are currently closed due to Coronavirus.

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on the evening of Monday 23 March that everyone should stay at home to save lives, we have
closed all household waste recycling centres with immediate effect.
Recycling centres will not open from Tuesday 24 March onwards, for an indefinite period.
Visiting recycling centres is not included in the reasons for leaving home.
All households should make full use of their kerbside waste collection service, which your local council is making every effort to keep operational for your recycling, green and food waste and general waste.

Covid-19: Waste and Recycling Services

If you have suspected or confirmed Coronavirus and are self-isolating, you need to double bag your used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths and wait 72 hours before putting it out for collection. For more information visit our page here.

Love Your Clothes

Each year, 350,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away in the UK where it loses all value and costs taxpayers for disposal.

Together with Love Your Clothes, we want to reduce the amount of textiles thrown away in Gloucestershire.

It's estimated that in each UK home about £1,200-worth of clothing lies forgotten and unworn. If donated, this clothing could generate over £140 million of additional income and help people in your local community.

Buying and selling pre-loved textiles also helps to reduce the carbon and water footprint of textiles.

Please do not dispose of textiles in your general rubbish bins - unless you have stuffed textiles such as duvets, cushions and pillows as these cannot be cleaned for reuse or recycling.

What can you do to reduce textiles being thrown away?

Shop wisely:

Think before you buy. Do you really need it? If yes, consider purchasing something vintage, pre-owned or investing in good-quality clothing that will last longer.

Extend its life:

Thinking of throwing something away due to a hole or frayed seam? Why not take it to a local repairer, or better still, try and repair it yourself? Cheltenham runs a monthly free repairs event called Regeneration Cafe https://www.facebook.com/regenerationcheltenham/

Don't bin the laundry:

If you have good-quality clothing that you no longer want, please consider:

If you have textiles beyond reuse then please recycle

All curtains, blankets, bed linen, shoes, underwear and even odd socks should be recycled. If the item isn't good enough for a charity shop to sell it on, you can either:

The only textiles you should ever put in your bin are unusable stuffed textiles, such as duvets, cushions and pillows.

Change your behaviour, not your clothes!

Help us improve Gloucestershire Recycles

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